08-16-17, the Phoenix guitar twang sound, letters B and C from the record and CD shelves of Grand Canyon State musicians

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin 2006)- Madelyn’s Song-THE SEARCH

Duane Eddy-Paladin-SINGLE

Al Casey-Guitar Man-COOKIN’

Waylon Jennings with Buddy Holly-Jole Blon-# 1 NASHVILLE OUTLAW

Sterling Beaff-Need to Run Away, Biddy-MY COLLECTION

Bryce Budge-Blessed Assurance-BLESSED WATERS

Jay Busch & Viva Jazz-The Day After-ORIGINALS

Emerson Carrethers-I’ll Remember Clifford-UNRELEASED PRIVATE RECORDING


Billy Cioffi-If Anybody Could, Swing Low-AMERICAMERA

Lea Cappelli-Sweet Dreams-LEA CAPPELLI

Natalie Cole feat. Ike Cole-Route 66-UNFORGETTABLE