08-23-17: Vintage & new Arizona music releases, jazz, funk, soul & surf from the Grand Canyon State

Young Sounds-Changing of the Guard (master)-TIM DOWNS RECORDING

Jon Rauhouse-I Can’t Stay Mad at You-JON RAUHOUSE ORCHESTRA

George Bowman-Better Not be Lyin’ to Me-ALL I WANNA DO IS SING THE BLUES

Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers-Just Right for Me-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Whiskey Kiss-Dangerous One-DANGEROUS ONE

Lonegan’s Band-Middle of the Night-LONEGAN’S BAND

Midnite Blues-Middle of the Night-MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT

Duane Eddy-Rebel Rouser-SINGLE John Dixon

Vintage Commercial of the Week-Wayne’s Furniture (Van Buren St. Phoenix 1950s)-sung by Waylon Jennings

Hoodoo Kings-Guide for the Married Man-ONE FOOT IN THE GROOVE

Hoodoo Kings-Give me back my Wig-ONE MORE TIME

Chris Doc Stewart-Country Preacher-PHOENIX

Sistah Blue-Ms. Betty’s Boogie-MOVIN’ ON