11-29 and 12-01-17, first AZ Community Radio Network show: Young Sounds Then & Now

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Walter Barr)-Reflections-THE YOUNG SOUNDS OF ARIZONA (1971)

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir Andrew Gross)-Free for All-ONE BY ONE (2017)

Callaloo-Danger in D-GLOBAL IMPRESSION (2011)

Novo Mundo-And Sammy Walked In-SE QUERES SABER (1999)

Nancy Gee-Don’t Explain-NANCY IN THE KEY OF GEE (1996)

Jerry Donato-I’m Old Fashioned-IT’S A COOL HEAT (2005)

Raw Deal Bluegrass Band-Raw Deal-BANJO SALAD (2001)

Jack Radavich feat. Tom Miles-Girl Talk-WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (2002)

Eric Ramsey-Highway-IT’S A ROUGH WORLD, BABY (2017)

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