12-06 thru 12-09-17, Phoenix Blues 1970s on, part one

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (dir. Andrew Gross)-Soul Stirrin’ WINSTON SESSION (2016) Winston

Hans Olson-Arizona What Are you Doing Tonight-BLONDE SUN ALBUM (1977) Blond Sun

Jimmy Peyton’s Midnite Blues-Tore Down-PRETTY GOOD LOVE (1998) Electric CD

Rocket 88s-Cookin’ in the Hay-LET’S RUMBLE (1984) Pro Indie

Buddy Reed and the Rip-It-Ups-Rock Me-TOUGH ENOUGH (1985) Taboo

Al Casey-Full House-BUCK JUMPIN’ (1960) Stacy 

Big Pete Pearson-Highway is like a Woman-I’M HERE BABY (2006) BobCorrirore 

Jim Glass Band-Long Distance Love BLUES FUSE (2005) PBS

Bob Corritore feat. Chico Chism-Five Long Years-ALL-STAR BLUES SESSIONS (1992) HMG

Jimi Primetime Smith-Found Love-LIVE IN-STUDIO PERFORMANCE

Hoodoo Kings-She’s Fine ONE MORE TIME (1991) Trippy

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