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Will Alpers has been playing for 20+ years and holds a masters degree is Jazz Studies from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 2013. During this time Will had the chance to study drum set with the esteemed Dr.Rob Brosh and Erik Johnson, as well as composition with Evan Solot.   

Will is always been striving to better himself as a player and musician.  His goal as a player and musician has always been to challenge his mental and physical limits in order to become the best musician and composer he is able to be. This has led Will to study with such drummers as, Ari Hoenig, Steve Smith and Kenwood Denard, Dr.Chris Hanning and Jim Love. Will received his bachelors in music from West Chester University 2006. 

His dedication and versatility on the instrument has allowed his to play with in the Rob Brosh, Will Alpers duo and has played with Dylan McGuire, ConFusion,  Tonal Subdivisions, Anthony Augest Band, Dan Pierce Quintet, Big G and the Kool Kats, as well as being a hired gun for many other acts.  Will is an artist endorsed with MCD Percussion.

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