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Arizona Music 586

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11-01-17: City lights, full moon, Phoenix skyline, the sundown sound

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-One by One-ONE BY ONE

Lisa Phenix-High Road-SUNFLOWER GIRL


Wolfman Jack-Clearasil 1976-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

NAU Jazz Ensemble-Kids are Pretty People-VINTAGE YEAR

Eric Ramsey-It’s a Rough World, Baby-IT’S A ROUGH WORLD BABY

Jay Busch and Viva Jazz-To Be or Not to Be-LIVE!

Big Pete Pearson-Gambling with my Heart-FINGER IN YOUR EYE

Lisa Phenix-Eyes of the World-SUNFLOWER GIRL

Lucius Parr-Pack Your Bags-YOAKAM TEXAS BLUES

NAU Jazz Ensemble-Fingers-VINTAGE YEAR

10-25-17, Arizona musicians under the letter M:

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-The Breakdown-ONE BY ONE

Mayneswing-Groovin’ High-GROOVIN’ HIGH

Jay Maynes Juan Oscar-Superhero-SUPERHERO

Tony Malaby with MCC Jazz Faculty Nonet-The Gathering-PLAYGROUND

Midnite Blues-Pretty Good Love-PRETTY GOOD LOVE

Cadillac Mike Moses-Foolin’ Me-YOU AIN’T FOOLIN’ ME

David Moskowitz-Diamondbacks Fever 2001-SINGLE

Larry Munoz-Journey Begins, Funk Latte-LAZZ JAZZ

Arvid Munson-Blues Before Sunrise-UNRELEASED LIVE SESSION

Dean Murphy-Barbecue Blues-LOVE THESE BLUES

Royce Murray feat. Chris “Doc” Stewart-Now’s the Time-NOW’S THE TIME LIVE IN PHOENIX

10-18-17 New, fresh and Out of the Box:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-Mountaings-ONE BY ONE

Forever Surf feat. Deane Stanton-Lazy Afternoon-STORM WARNING

Global Impressions feat. Scott Johnson and Terrance Peeples-Snookered by Snooks-CALLALOO

Timothy’s Restaurant 1989-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Jamie Waldron Trio-Goo Goo Muck-AM LEGION POST 1

Bob McCarroll-Don’t Ever Change-THESE FEW MOMENTS

Lou Burke-Boogie Woogie-ELECTRIC CD

Forever Surf feat. Deane Stanton-Dolphin Run-STORM WARNING

Global Impressions feat. Scott Johnson and Terrance Peeples-Boom Boom-CALLALOO

Jamie Waldron Trio-Big Iron-AM LEGION POST 1

Leaf and Bean-Sweat-Stained Shirts-SONGWRITER SATURDAY NIGHT

Bob McCarroll-Have You Noticed-THESE FEW MOMENTS

10-11-17, Arizona musician’s alphabet J to M

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-Free for All-ONE BY ONE

Gypsy’s Juke Rockers-Real Bad Woman-REAL BAD WOMAN

Shorty K-Full Custom Boogie-FULL CUSTOM BOOGIE

Ken Koshio-I Wonder if I Love Myself-STILL STANDING ON THE ROCK

Laurie Larson-Walk Me to the Window-A STRIKING RESEMBLANCE

Cup O’ Karma (Jim Pipkin/Eric Luback)-Blonde Coyote-LIVE BENEFIT

Brian Lopez-Under the Watchful Eye-ULTRA

John Levno-Dog Vibrations, On the Doggie Trail-DOGGY AND SOUL

Pat Maloney-China Dog, Girl with the Funny Mouth-PERFECT OBLIVIOUS MOON

Chuck Maronhic-Hummingbird-SEEDS

10-04-17, Arizona musician’s alphabet G to J:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin)-Madelyn’s Song-THE SEARCH

Nancy Gee-Don’t Explain-KEY OF GEE

Scott Hallock-Red Line-STORIES

Heather Hardy-14th Street-VIOLINS

The Boojum Tree Phoenix jazz club 1980-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Armand Boatman-Funk in a Deep Freeze-BEBOP REVOLUTION

Sue Harris-My Heart Belongs to You-WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL MY LIFE

Rich “Hank Plow” Howard-Awake-INTO THE DEEP

Ben Hughes Jr. You Make it Easy-SINGLE

Kati “Indigo” Ingino-Break Out-BREAK OUT

Warren Jones III-If I Should Lose You-BRIDGES

09-27-17, Saxophone cookoff, piano preserves:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-One by One, Afrodisia-ONE BY ONE

Tom Goodwin Quintet feat. John Schoolboy Porter and Prince Shell-Cheesecake-JAZZ FROM STUDIO ONE 

Jimmy Nistico feat. Beth Lederman-Cheesecake-JAZZ EXPRESS AT SAN MARCOS

Herbie Mann on Atlantic Records-1974 VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Bob Ravenscroft-Arrival-JAZZ IN AZ 30 YEAR COMPILATION

Sherry Roberson feat. Armand Boatman-St. Louis Blues-SENSATIONAL

Francine Reed-Wild Women don’t Get the Blues-JAZZ IN AZ 30 YEAR COMPILATION

Keith Greko-In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning-AND FRIENDS

Rich Howard and Tim Downs-Reluctant Bullfighter-LATIN TECHNO

Steve Chesseboro-Cigarette Blues-OUTSTANDING BLUES


09-20-17, more double plays, forever Young Sounds

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2017)-One by One, Afrodisia-ONE BY ONE

Doc Garvey’s Remedy-Funky Farm-LIVE

Shady Creek Band-Down South in New Orleans-CROSSCURRENTS

Miles and Rhonda Lester-Groovin’ with my Baby-FRESH AIR

KLFF Radio jingle 1988, KOOL Radio promo 1977-VINTAGE COMMERCIALS OF THE WEEK

Tommy Dukes and the Soul Kings-Left a Fire Bunin’-SOUL KING BAND


Bill Hunter Orchestra feat. Kathy Edwards-Kansas City-BROADCAST CARTRIDGE SINGLE

Doc Garvey’s Remedy-One Bad Woman-LIVE

Shady Creek Band-What do you Say-CROSSCURRENTS

Miles and Rhonda Lester-To Be With You-FRESH AIR

Tommy Dukes and the Soul Kings-Tall Skinny Woman-SOUL KING BAND

Five Old Guys feat. Emerson Carrethers, Ron Farrell, KC Arnold-What I Did at East Hall-F.O.G.

Nnenna Freelon feat. Bob Freedman-This Little Light-NEENA FREELON

09-13-17, interviews with free jazz guitarist Caleb Veazey and singer/songwriter Vincent Bishop


Caleb Veazey-INTERVIEW

Off Cell feat. Caleb Veazey-Unhung London Cutpurse-OFF CELL

Off Cell feat. Caleb Veazey-Ornette meets Derrida-OFF CELL

Aebi/Coulson Duo-Bye Bye Blackbird-PRESENT MOMENT TWO

Vincent Bishop-INTERVIEW

Vincent Bishop-Angel Wings-OUT OF THE DARK

Vincent Bishop-Single Life-OUT OF THE DARK

09-06-17, Double plays and vintage Hubb Capp and the Wheels

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Milas Yoes 1992)-Mr. PC-BUY IT AND FRY IT

Dean Murphy-Swing for Kati-JAZZ, BLUES AND ROCKIN’ OUT

Prince Shell feat. John “Schoolboy” Porter-Sweet & Lovely-JAZZ FROM STUDIO ONE

Molly Moonstone-Please Come Back Home-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Jim Glass Band-Long Distance Love-BLUES FUSE


Sterling Beaff-Observation-MY COLLECTION

Dean Murphy-Jammin’ Hard-JAZZ, BLUES AND ROCKIN’ OUT

Tom Goodwin Quintet-Cheesecake-JAZZ FROM STUDIO ONE

Molly Moonstone-Come Along with Me-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Sterling Beaff-My Collection-MY COLLECTION

Ted Goddard-Jack’s Blues-THE SONORAN SESSIONS

08-30-17, Arizona musicians under the letters C and D:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Soul Stirrin’-WINSTON STUDIO SESSION

Armand Boatman-There IS no greater Love-LIVE AT GREGORY’S

Dave Cook and Prince Shell-Killer Joe-LIVE AT ISADORE’S

Keith Curtis-Appalachian Hills-LET IT ROLL


D-Squared-Big Sky Full of Dumb Stars-TITLE TRACK

John Daley w/Ben Webster-Ow-LONG ISLAND JAM SESSION

John Daley interview-1989 KLFF RADIO ARCHIVES

Donnie Dean and Diana Lee-Your Love Lifted Me-GIMICK-FREE

David DeBree-Nirvana-LOVE OF A LIFETIME

Cathy Della Penta-Guantanemera-UNRELEASED DEMO