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08-23-17: Vintage & new Arizona music releases, jazz, funk, soul & surf from the Grand Canyon State

Young Sounds-Changing of the Guard (master)-TIM DOWNS RECORDING

Jon Rauhouse-I Can’t Stay Mad at You-JON RAUHOUSE ORCHESTRA

George Bowman-Better Not be Lyin’ to Me-ALL I WANNA DO IS SING THE BLUES

Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers-Just Right for Me-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Whiskey Kiss-Dangerous One-DANGEROUS ONE

Lonegan’s Band-Middle of the Night-LONEGAN’S BAND

Midnite Blues-Middle of the Night-MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT

Duane Eddy-Rebel Rouser-SINGLE John Dixon

Vintage Commercial of the Week-Wayne’s Furniture (Van Buren St. Phoenix 1950s)-sung by Waylon Jennings

Hoodoo Kings-Guide for the Married Man-ONE FOOT IN THE GROOVE

Hoodoo Kings-Give me back my Wig-ONE MORE TIME

Chris Doc Stewart-Country Preacher-PHOENIX

Sistah Blue-Ms. Betty’s Boogie-MOVIN’ ON

08-16-17, the Phoenix guitar twang sound, letters B and C from the record and CD shelves of Grand Canyon State musicians

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin 2006)- Madelyn’s Song-THE SEARCH

Duane Eddy-Paladin-SINGLE

Al Casey-Guitar Man-COOKIN’

Waylon Jennings with Buddy Holly-Jole Blon-# 1 NASHVILLE OUTLAW

Sterling Beaff-Need to Run Away, Biddy-MY COLLECTION

Bryce Budge-Blessed Assurance-BLESSED WATERS

Jay Busch & Viva Jazz-The Day After-ORIGINALS

Emerson Carrethers-I’ll Remember Clifford-UNRELEASED PRIVATE RECORDING


Billy Cioffi-If Anybody Could, Swing Low-AMERICAMERA

Lea Cappelli-Sweet Dreams-LEA CAPPELLI

Natalie Cole feat. Ike Cole-Route 66-UNFORGETTABLE

08-09-17, host Carl Wiman spins various Arizona musicians, vintage Armand Boatman interview

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Footprints-WINSTON STUDIO SESSION

Clarke Rigsby-Stay All Night-CLARKE RIGSBY SAMPLER

Jim Glass Band-You Got it Rough-SAHUARO

Phillip Strange-Cherokee-ONE SUMMER DAY

Radio interview with Phoenix pianist Armand Boatman-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK 1992

Sherry Roberson-Sherry’s Blues-SENSATIONAL JAZZ

Kevin Casenhiser-Steam Roller-KC’S BLUES

Jim Glass Band-Hootchie Cootchie-SAHUARO

Walt Richardson-Yesterday’s Compromise-SUMMER FEST

Chris Alcaraz-Do It Again-CHRIS ALCARAZ

08-02-17: Celebrating continued contributions of Charles Lewis, tributes to Margo Reed, Patricia Myers, Louie Enriquez and Keith Greko

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Milas Yoes 1991)-Snooze You Lose Blues-LITTLE SUNFLOWER

Keith Greko-Dreamsville-AND FRIENDS

Hans Olson-Kid Boogie Woogie-SINGS THE BLUES

Louie Enriquez radio theme 1983-ARCHIVED KMCR-FM BROADCAST RECORDING

Ray “Gumby” Salazar-Remembering Tito Rodriguez-ARCHIVED KMCR-FM BROADCAST RECORDING

Patricia Myers as Master of Ceremonies-LOUIE ENRIQUEZ MEMORIAL CELEBRATION 1994

Margo Reed-What a Difference a Day Made-LOUIE ENRIQUEZ MEMORIAL CELEBRATION 1994

Margo Reed-I’ve Got the World on a String-LOUIE ENRIQUEZ MEMORIAL CELEBRATION 1994


Charles Lewis Quintet-Ose-de-Lu (you and me)-LOUIE ENRIQUEZ MEMORIAL CELEBRATION 1994

07-26-17, drummer Adam Clark is among new Local 586 members

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin 2006)-Minuano-THE SEARCH

Adam Clark Trio-Anthropology-LIFE GOES ON

Adam Clark Trio-Paxos Summer Blues-LIFE GOES ON


Howard Roberts and Arizona State College “Jazz at the Auditorium”-Perdido-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK 1949

LeeLee Robert-Cafe-LET IT BE ME

Lionel Estrada-Hold Me like You Hold that Gretsch-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Sonido Global-Movin’ On-SONIDO GLOBAL

Chris Putrino Band feat. Adam Clark-Is This Love?-UNRELEASED SESSION

John Shea Trio feat. Adam Clark-Crazyology-UNRELEASED SESSION

AZ Music 586 for 07-19-17, double plays on four Arizona artist’s CDs

AZ Music 586 for 07-19-17, double plays on four Arizona artist’s CDs

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovelady 2000)-Jumpin’ at the Woodside-RINGERS

Steve Cheseboro-Drinkin’ Water from a Hollow Log-LOVESICK


Jim Pipkin (as the Arizona Trooper)-Beyond the Boom-SPIRITS

Gaynel Hodge-What is This Thing called Love-WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED? JAZZ!

Eddie Boh Paris-I Got a Big Fat Woman-CHOPS

Lionel Estrada-INTERVIEW

Al Casey-Juice-COOKIN’

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Milas Yoes 1991)-Peppers and Tomatoes-LITTLE SUNFLOWER

Madelyn Roberts & the HR Project-Bluesette-ORIGINALS

Mike Eldred-She's Not You-ELVIS UNLEADED

Steve Cheseboro-Trouble Man Blues-LOVESICK

Jim Pipkin (as the Arizona Trooper)-Silver in the Leaves-SPIRITS

Eddie Boh Paris-What a Wonderful World-CHOPS

07-11-17, pianist Debora Offenhauser with selections from her many CD releases

Debora Offenhauser-Summer of '42-THE SWEETEST SOUNDS

Debora Offenhauser-Butterflies-BUTTERFLIES

Debora Offenhauser featuring voice of Isola Jones-Child of God-CHILD OF GOD

Debora Offenhauser-In Excelscis Deo-CHRISTMAS JOY

Debora Offenhauser-Wrong Road Again-NASHVILLE AFTER MIDNIGHT

Debora Offenhauser-12th Street Rag-RAGTIME DOLL

07-05-17, Coming home from July 4th

Young Sounds of AZ (dir. Barry Black 1980)-Ice Castles-THE SOUL COLLECTOR

Russell Schmidt-At Times End-ANACHROMYSTICISM


Hans Olson-Feel like Coming Home-SOLO

Matt Angus-What You’re Hearing-POLITICAL POP

Yuriko Kodama & Phillip Strange-Fly Me to the Moon-MUSIC OF THE HOURS

Gaynel Hodge-Fly Me to the Moon-WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED? JAZZ!

Pat Roberts and the Heymakers-Tonight the Bottle Let me Down-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Jaci Radavich-Lulu’s Back in Town-MUSIC OF HARRY WARREN

Cacak/Carrethers/Hillman-Forgive and Forget-UNRELEASED DEMO

Jim Pipkin-Tommy Knockers-TIME IS TALKING

06-28-17, Another Hot Record Show

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovely 2000)-Jumpin’ at the Woodside-RINGERS

Jim Glass Band-Killin’ Floor-SAHUARO

Curtis Gray Combo-Gladys’ Delight-HI FLYIN’

Hearsemen-Right Now-LEGEND CITY

Raffles in Scottsdale presents Keith Greko Trio 1979 VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Dave Cook and Intensity-Rio de Bossa-GROOVIN’ IN THE DESERT

Marty Martel-Naufraga, Aburrido Me Voy-2-SIDED SINGLE

Judy Roberts-THE Man I Love-SOLO PIANO

Sistah Blue-It’s Raining-SISTAH BLUE

Jay Roberts-Relaxin’ at Camarillo-SON OF A DIRTY GUITAR PLAYER

Novo Mundo-Little Bird-ESPIRITO DO BRASIL

Armand Boatman Trio-Watch What Happens-LIVE AT GREGORY’S


06-21-17, one hot record show

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Miles Yoes 1991)-Samba Dee’s Gotta Do It-LITTLE SUNFLOWER

Ray Anthony Orchestra feat. Dennis Rowland-Watch What Happens-SWING BACK TO THE ‘40S

Nadine Jansen-Ala Mood-ALA MOOD

Henry Mojo Thompson-Every Day-FUNK BLUES BAND

Jay Maynes Juan Oskar-No Matter-STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Vintage commercial of the week: 1980 FORD FAIRMONT

Eddie Trailer-Lessons Learned-LATE BLOOMER

Al Casey with Jody Reynolds-Endlessly-CLARK RIGSBY SAMPLER

Cold Shott & the Hurricane Horns-Georgia On my Mind-2010 BOOTLEG LIVE

Jimmy Knight and The Knights of Rhythm-Flyin’ Hight pt. 1-FLYIN’ HIGH

Clare Willey-Crazy Rhythm-DEAR MR. SHEARING

Hoodoo Kings-It Takes a Big Man to Cry-ONE MORE TIME

Hot Ice-The City-THE CITY


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