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03-29-17 pt 1, late music journalist Patricia Myers recalled by her daughter Suzanne; pt.2 recording engineer Scott Leon

Interview with Suzanne McElfresh pt. 1

Young Sounds of Arizona-(dir. Barry Black 1979)-Picture IV-THE SOUL COLLECTOR

Interview with Suzanne McElfresh pt. 2

Interview with Arizona recording engineer Scott Leon

Jim Pipkin and Eric Laubach-Chupakubra-LIVE BENEFIT FOR CUP O’ KARMA

Jim Pipkin and Eric Laubach-Blond Coyote-LIVE BENEFIT FOR CUP O’ KARMA

Jim Pipkin and Eric Laubach-Time is Talking-LIVE BENEFIT FOR CUP O’ KARMA

Jim Pipkin and Eric Laubach-It’ll Never Play in Kerrville-LEAF & BEAN SONGWRITER SATURDAY

Tom Breiding-Becker’s Hardware Store-LEAF & BEAN SONGWRITER SATURDAY

Tom Breiding-Sweat-Stained Shirts-LEAF & BEAN SONGWRITER SATURDAY

03-15-17, Volume 2 of local Arizona musicians on Cassette from the 1990s:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Milas Yoes, 1992)-Abdominal Revenge of the Aerobics Goddesses (Whipple Works Out), Three Views of a Secret- BUY IT AND FRY IT

Hoodoo Kings-It’s Hot in Here-LIVE

Danny Long/Judy Roberts-Madalena, Four-DUETS

Nadine Jansen-Blue Prelude, Lullaby of Birdland-A LITTLE TASTE

Henry Mojo Thompson-Never Mind, Body and Fender Man-FUNK BLUES BAND

Hans Olson-Phoenix Boogie-SOLO

03-08-17, host Carl Wiman previews 6th Annual Arizona Rockabilly Bash

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovelady 2000)-But Beautiful-RINGERS

Whiskey Kiss-Can’t Catch Me-RETRO REVAMPED

Hacksaw & the Woodchips-Your Own Personal Hacksaw-AT THE WOMACK Producer Full Moon Hacksaw pick

Hacksaw & the Woodchips-Your Cheatin’ Heart-AT THE WOMACK

Hacksaw & the Woodchips-Old Tricks Again-AT THE WOMACK

Pat Roberts & the Heymakers-All my Friends are Gonna be Strangers-LONESOME & BLUE

NAU Lumberjacks Football 1979 KXIV Radio promo-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Whiskey Kiss-Whiskey Kiss-ELECTRIC LOTUS EP

Pat Roberts & the Heymakers-Good Time-DEVIL

Moonlight Trio-Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio-SANTA BARBARA Interviews with Mark Krupa and Brenda Lee Pinup

Moonlight Trio-You’re the One-SANTA BARBARA

Englebert Humperdinck-Man Without Love-SINGLE Host Carl Wiman pick

Hoodoo Kings-She’s Fine-ONE MORE TIME

Pat Roberts & the Heymakers-Devil-DEVIL

03-01-17, guest is saxophonist Patrick Murphy of Paradise Winds—Not a woodwind, but a reed, quintet

Kincaid Rabb-Scenes from the Big Top-PARADISE WINDS DOT ORG

Deborah Kavasch-Five Miniatures for Reed Quintet (Homage to Igor)-PARADISE WINDS DOT ORG

John Marvin-scherzo movement III from Three Pieces for Reed Quintet-PARADISE WINDS DOT ORG

(with MusicaNova Orchestra)-Graham Cohen-Unexpected Affinities-PARADISE WINDS DOT ORG (commissioned by philanthropist Ms. Hanna Selznick)

02-22-17, guest President Jim Crawford of Phoenix Blues Society previews the annual 2017 Blues Blast festival this weekend

Delgado Brothers-Let’s Get Back-LET’S GET BACK

Coco Montoya-Top of the Hill-GOT A MIND TO TRAVEL

Karen Lovely-Blues Ain’t Far Behind-STILL THE RAIN

James Harman-Blues Walked In-STRICTLY LIVE IN ’85


Mike Eldred-Burning Love-ELVIS UNLEADED

Karen Lovely-Frank the Spank-TEN MILES OF BAD ROAD

AZ Music 586 02-15-17, featuring tracks from new Whiskey Kiss CD “Retro Revamped”

Young Sounds of Arizona Caravan pt. 1 CUT AND RUN

Whiskey Kiss-Keep it to Myself-RETRO REVAMPED

Whiskey Kiss-I wanna Know-RETRO REVAMPED

Vintage commercial of the week-KONI Phoenix 1400 AM 1950’s Station ID

Cold Shott-Really Doesn’t Matter-SOULUTIONS

Chico Hamilton feat. Howard Roberts-Broadway-TRIO

Whiskey Kiss-Cold Cold Man-RETRO REVAMPED


Nancy Gee-I’ll Remember April-DEDICATIONS


Dave Riley produced by Bob Corritore My Baby’s Gone-HUSH YOUR FUSS

Paul Murphy World Jazz Project feat. Steve Marsh-Playa de Estes-PAUL MURPHY WORLD JAZZ PROJECT

Royce Murray-Help Me Make it Thru the Night-NOW’S THE TIME LIVE IN PHOENIX

AZ Music 586 for 02-08-17, tribute to the late Patricia Myers, longtime Arizona jazz journalist, editor of MusicSceneAZ.com

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo dir. Andrew Gross-Changing of the Guard-WINSTON STUDIO SESSION

Interview with the late Patricia Myers

Sahuaro High School presents Stan Kenton concert 1974-HERB JOHNSON ON KXTC-VINTAGE COMMERCIAL OF THE WEEK

Margo Reed-Honeysuckle Rose-“1990” PRODUCED BY PATRICIA MYERS

Nadine Jansen-Gershwin Medley-A LITTLE TASTE

Phoenix Jazz Quartet feat. Armand Boatman-If I were a Bell-PJQ

Judy Roberts-It Never Entered my Mind-SOLO PIANO

Dave Cook-Sunday Night Blues-GROOVIN’ IN THE DESERT

02-01-17, harmonica player/Rhythm Room owner/record producer/Radio host Bob Corritore introduces blues man Jimi Primetime Smith

Young Sounds Combo (dir. Andrew Gross)-Soul Stirrin’-2016 WINSTON SESSION



Big John Atkinson & Bob Corritore-It Wasn’t Easy-HOUSE PARTY AT BIG JOHN’S

Jimi Primetime Smith-Can’t Lose What you Ain’t Never Had-LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST PERFORMANCE

Bob Corritore-Many a Devil’s Night-TABOO

01-25-17, LeeLee Robert previews her new all-duo CD with guitarist Alex Zawilak, to coincide with its official Southwest release

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Milas Yoes)-Snooze You Loose Blues-LITTLE SUNFLOWER

LeeLee Robert-Let Me Be the One-LET ME BE THE ONE

LeeLee Robert-Freddie’s Out-LET ME BE THE ONEJoe Pass Ella,

LeeLee Robert-Dryer Wine-LET ME BE THE ONE

LeeLee Robert-Autumn Leaves-LET ME BE THE ONE

LeeLee Robert-Do You Dance-LET ME BE THE ONE

01-18-17, host Carl Wiman interviews Carol Pacey of the Honey Shakers “Americana Thrash Pop”

Young Sounds of Arizona-Swung Out to Dry-LITTLE SUNFLOWER

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Dust Devil Spin-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Vintage commercial of the week-Red Seal Potato Chips 1956

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Rock & Roll Star-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-White Glove-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Walk Away Now-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Fool-YEAH YEAH YEAH

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Down in Mexico-YEAH YEAH YEAH

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Oh Heart Where Art Thou-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Dangerous Game-EYES ON THE PRIZE

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers-Just Right for Me-EYES ON THE PRIZE


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