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Arizona Music 586

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06-14-17, “Cutting Room Floor part 2,” selections we intended to include in previous shows

Sonido Global-Maiden Voyage-SONIDO GLOBAL

Charles Lewis-Cubano Chant-JAZZ IN AZ 30-YEAR COLLECTION

Tito Rodriguez-El Mundo De Las Locas-PALLADIUM

Hans Olson-Hey Baby-SINGS THE BLUES

Royce Murray-Now’s the Time-LIVE IN PHOENIX

Interview: “Fresh” from the Sunday night rotation of Womack DJs

Duane Eddy-Pepe-SINGLE

Interview: Dan Lovelock-from Monday night “Industry Jazz” rotation of groups at Womack

Nancy Gee-But Not for Me-DEDICATIONS

Interview: Josh Lattimore of Handlebar J’s Scottsdale on Phoenix music history

George Bowman-Stickin’ your Nose in my Business-FEEL SORRY FOR THE NEXT MAN

06-07-17 In the back room during a Beth Lederman First Tuesday Concert Series

Young Sounds of Arizona (Barb Catlin dir., 2010)-I’ll Remember April-CUT AND RUN

Jon Rauhouse INTERVIEW

Carol Pacey-Fool-YEAH YEAH YEAH

Armand Boatman feat. Jerry Donato-Playin’ Hookie-BEBOP REVOLUTION

Beth Lederman feat. Sherry Roberson-Everything Must Change-LAS SOMBRAS

Allan Chase-Phoenix-PHOENIX


Raul Tapia & Bill White-And I Love Her-PHOENIX CITY LIGHTS


Lloyd Ellis and Bill Cyrils-The Wind-ANYTIME ANYPLACE


05-31-17, AZ Music 586 Cutting Room Floor, unheard interview portions and music from previous guests, pt. 1

Michael Duffy Johnson remembers Phoenix’s Century Sky Room 

Prince Shell-Ted Goddard 10Tet-Round Midnight-SPECULATION

Emerson Carrethers feat. John Daily-Green Dolphin Street-UNRELEASED SESSION

Nadine Jansen-Opening and closing Fat Cat Blues-NINE LIVE ONES

Billy Cioffi-Mississippi More or Less-AMERICAMERA


Patrick Murphy & ParadiseWinds Quintet (with MusicaNova Orchestra)-concluding movement of Graham Cohen’s Unexpected Affinities-PARADISE WINDS DOT ORG

05-24-17, host Carl Wiman spins another variety of Arizona Musicians

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. by Barb Catlin 2006)-Body & Soul-THE SEARCH

Dave Cook and Intensity-No Blues-GROOVIN’ IN THE DESERT

Vintage commercial of the week: 1976 TWO FOR ONE

Phoenix Musician’s Union Jazz Workshop-The Shorty Rogers Influence-MID-TO-LATE 1950S

Sherry Roberson-At Last-SENSATIONAL

Angus-This Town-FACE THE DAY

Jerry Donato-Deep Purple-IT’S A DRY HEAT

Bob Ravenscroft-Make Someone Happy-LOVE SONGS

Lucious Parr-Pack your Bags-YOAKUM TEXAS BLUES


Dave Riley and Bob Corritore-Back Down the Dirt Road-LUCKY TO BE LIVING

Judy Roberts-Fantasy-WATERCOLORS

AZ Music 586 for 05-17-17, local ladies:

Young Sounds (dir. Hugh Lovelady 2000)-No Matter-RINGERS

Nadine Jansen-Blues intro, Sunny-NINE LIVE ONES

Alice Tatum feat. Peter Zale-Send In the Clowns-PIANO

Vintage Commercial of the week: HYATT REGENCY SUNDANCE LOUNGE PHOENIX (1979)

Andy/Lionel-Stay a Little Longer-AZ MUSIC 586 REHEARSAL

Johnny May Brown with Mike Condello Combo-Have You Ever had the Blues-FLYIN’ HIGH

Warren L. Jones III-Life’s a Blues-BRIDGES

Sherry Roberson feat. Armand Boatman-Sherry's Blues-SENSATIONAL

Blaise Lantana-First Time-WITH A TOUCH OF BLUES

Cecile Hortensia-This Is My Home, Cactus Road-PAPPILONS

Beth Lederman-Las Sombras, Things Ain’t what they Used to Be-LAS SOMBRAS

Kirsten Plambeck-Rollin’ In the Deep-BAREFOOT

04-10-17, guest again is Michael Duffy Johnson, discussing his father jazz DJ Herb Johnson, Down Beat Magazine donation

Lloyd Ellis & Bill Cyrils-Jeep’s Blues-ANYTIME ANYPLACE

Door Knobs-Hi-Fi Baby-LEGEND CITY PHX

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barb Catlin 2009)-Eleven Steps-CUT AND RUN

Dave Cook and Intensity-Melody Line Blues-GROOVIN’ IN THE DESERT

Prince Shell Quintet-Sweet Georgia Brown-CHATON SESSION

Margo Reed feat Buddy Weed-Blues Medley-MARGO 1990

Nadine Jansen Quartet-Summertime-ALA MOOD

05-03-17, on-location at The Womack Cocktail Lounge: Arizona people, Arizona music

Interview: Mo Arellano, PR for Young Sounds, previewing concert Monday May 8th

Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Joy Spring-WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING

Interview: Raul Tapia, guitarist-And I Love Her-PHOENIX NIGHTS

Interview: Jose Ferraro of Latin American Cultural Center Phoenix, previewing concert Saturday May 6th

Interview: Rosco Taylor, singer Thursday thru Saturday nights at The Womack

Gaynel Hodge-What is This Thing called Love?-WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED? JAZZ!

George Bowman-Trouble in My House-ALL I WANT TO DO (SING THE BLUES)

Interview: Dana Armstrong, music programmer of The Womack

Flathead-If You’ll Buy That-VALLEY FEVER QUARANTINE 2015

Tony Martinez-Does She Miss Me-EVERYBODY’S BUDDY

Interview: “Fresh,” one of the many Sunday DJs in rotation at The Womack

04-26-17: Mo Arellano-PR for Young Sounds, Michael Duffy Johnson-donation of jazz items, Terri Sussman-homeless & hungry in Arizona

Interview with Mo Arellano, PR for Young Sounds of Arizona dir. by Andrew Gross, previewing saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi concert joining the ensembles at KERR Center, Monday May 8th.

This week’s guest is Michael Duffy Johnson as he donates jazz books, vintage Down Beat magazine collection, and vintage tapes of Phoenix jazz radio 1950’s-1970’s to Pro Music AZ Local 586.  Michael also tells stories of his own Phoenix jazz radio days and those of his father Herb Johnson. 

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barry Black 1978)-Charade-ROUND MIDNIGHT 

KONI radio Phoenix jingle circa 1959

Prince Shell Quintet-piano improvisation/Now’s the Time-CHATON SESSION

Interview with Terri Sussman previewing Sunday April 30th Good S.A.M. (Share A Meal) Feeding the homeless & hungry in Arizona benefit featuring Francine Reed at Prankster’s Too

Peter Magadini (in memory of Jim “Zeke” Zoekler)-Midnight Bolero-POLYRHYTHM

Nadine Jansen-Satin Doll-ALA MOOD

Keith Greko-Black Orpheus-AND FRIENDS

04-19-17, singer/guitarist Lionel Estrada and lyricist Andy Van Vooren

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovely 1990)-Blues for Hire-RINGERS


Vintage commercial of the week: Steve Allen-This could be the Start of Something Big

Hacksaw & the Woodchips feat. Lionel Estrada-Hound Dog-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Interview with Marisa Arellano, PR for Young Sounds of Arizona, previewing saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi concert joining director Andrew Gross and the ensembles at KERR Center, Monday May 8th


Hacksaw & the Woodchips feat. Lionel Estrada-Money Honey-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Hacksaw & the Woodchips feat. Jamie Waldron-Mind your Own Business-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING

Hoodoo Kings-There was Nobody Home-ONE FOOT IN THE GROOVE

04-12-17, on-location during after-party of jazz journalist Patricia Myers Celebration of Life


Interview with Judy Roberts

Margo Reed with Buddy Weed-Anyone can Whistle-1990 CASSETTE PRODUCED BY PATRICIA MYERS

Interview with Suzanne McElfresh, daughter of Patricia Myers

Lewis Nash-Monk’s Mood-RHYTHM IS MY BUSINESS

Alan Chase-Jackie-PHOENIX

Continued Suzanne McElfresh interview

Bob Ravenscroft-Arrival-JAZZ IN AZ 30-YEAR COMPILATION

Francine Reed-Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues-JAZZ IN AZ 30-YEAR COMPILATION

Interview with Mariah Fleming

Prince Shell feat. John Schoolboy Porter-Body and Soul-1990 CHATON SESSION

Judy Roberts & Rene Patrick-Killing Me Softly-LIVE BROADCAST PERFORMANCE

Judy Roberts & Rene Patrick-Satin Doll-LIVE BROADCAST PERFORMANCE


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