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Arizona Music 586

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AZ Music 586 for 11-02-16, local jazz, funk, soul, surf & blues musicians:

Young Sounds-Eldon, John and the Boys-RINGERS


Josh Sklair feat. Steve Marsh-New York-AFTER HOURS


Vicki McDermitt-Wee Small Hours of the Morning-JAZZ FOR THE SOUL


Cold Shott and the Hurricane Horns-30-60-90/Cold Sweat-SOULUTIONS


Cold Shott and the Hurricane Horns-That’s What Love will Make you Do-SOULUTIONS


Margo Reed & Armand Boatman-No Moon at All-SOME OF MY FAVORITES


Cinco de Moio-Almendra-CINCO DE MOIO


Charles Lewis-Cubano Chant-30 YEARS OF JAZZ IN AZ


Chris Doc Stewart-Country Preacher-PHOENIX


Swamp Coolers-Surfin’ the Dream-MODERN LOVE


Sistah Blue-Ms. Betty’s Boogie-MOVIN’ ON


Uvon-I Want an All-Around Man-PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED

AZ Music 586 for 10-26-16, guest is Matt Angus, relocated Arizona songwriter/bandleader from New Jersey, playing his recordings. Also stories of his “Black Potatoe Presents” Music Festival, and hanging with members of “The Band:”

Young Sounds Combo-Change of the Guard (alt)-UNRELEASED 2016 WINSTON STUDIO CD


Angus-Everything-FACE THE DAY


Angus-Coming Home-FACE THE DAY


Angus-Face the Day-FACE THE DAY


Matt Angus Thing-Folsom POLITICAL POP


Matt Angus-Falling-MATT ANGUS


AZ Music 586 for 10-19-16, Latin focus:

Chaz Jackson Band feat. Sam James saxophone and Rudy Gleason-Let Me Go Lady-




Marty Martel-Naufraga-MARTY RECORDS SINGLE


Marty Martel-Aburrido me Voy-MARTY RECORDS SINGLE




Cliff Sarde-Mo Samba-DREAMS OUT LOUD


Chas Lewis-Cubano Chant-JAZZ IN AZ 30 YEAR COMPILATION


Tito Rodriguez-El Mundo De Las Locas-LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM


Dom Moio's Sonido Global-Milestones-LIVE AT KERR CENTER


Ted Goddard-Guarabe-SONORAN SESSIONS


Rich Howard-Yanna Bushka Polka-CAST OF PYRAMID CHAMBER




Young Sounds-Green Bossa-RINGERS

AZ Music 586 for 10-12-16, delta blues man Dave Riley visits and plays some of his recordings:

Young Sounds-Snooze You Loose Blues


Dave Riley-Down South-WHISKEY MONEY & WOMEN


Dave Riley-My Baby’s Gone-WHISKEY MONEY & WOMEN


Dave Riley-Chicken Shack-BEST OF VOL. 1


Dave Riley-Mustang Sally-BEST OF VOL. 1




Dave Riley-Living on Borrowed Time-LIVE IN SWITZERLAND


Dave Riley-It Ain’t Gonna Work-LIVE IN SWITZERLAND

AZ Music 586 for 10-05-16 “Local and vocal Arizona artists from vintage vinyl” Featured is pianist Lou Burke, interviewed is Musician’s Union member Bill White:

Jack Brickles and the Dynamics feat. Lou Burke piano-Searchin’-ACETATE DEMO


Jack Brickles and the Dynamics feat. Lou Burke piano-I’ll Change my Style-ACETATE DEMO 


James Johnson feat. Lou Burke piano-Watermelon Stomp-BLUES CONSPIRACY


“Dori” Tellez feat. Bill White-Rejoice-RISING STAR


Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Walter Barr 1971)-Reflexions-FIRST LP 


Raul Tapia-Blue Bossa-PHOENIX LIGHTS


Hans Olson-Kid Boogie Woogie-SINGS THE BLUES 

(Jimmy Peyton’s) Midnite Blues-Havana Moon-LET’S DO IT


Buddy Reed & th’ Rip It Ups-Rock Me-TOUGH ENOUGH


Rocket 88s-Gimme some Elmo Room-LET’S RUMBLE

AZ Music 586 for 09-28-16, guest is Mike Segall, “Bass 4 Every Place,” talking about recording for major labels in Long Island in the 1960s to Viet Nam protest music to playing with the long-running Lonegan’s Band from the Valley:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Free Jazz-UNRELEASED WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING


Lonegan’s Band-For You-LONEGAN’S BAND


Smubbs-Unpollution-ECOLOGY ROCK


Lonegan’s Band-Middle of the Night-LONEGAN’S BANDPeyton recorded different song same title also vinyl also 1980 also Phoenix.


Mike Segall (bass & vocal)-Jug Band Music-LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST PERFORMANCE


Smubbs-Down on the Corner-ABC/PARAMOUNT SINGLE


Aesop’s Fables-In Due Time-IN DUE TIME


Lonegan’s Band-You to Me-LONEGAN’S BAND




Lonegan’s Band-You Gotta Change-LONGAN’S BAND


AZ Music 586 for 09-21-16, guest is legendary studio engineer Clarke Rigsby from Tempest Recording, Tempe AZ, playing favorite recordings he engineered:

Young Sounds Combo (dir. Andrew Gross 2016)-Joy Spring-UNRELEASED WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING




Four Tops-Medley-REACH OUT


Rex Allen & Don Edwards-Lazy Day-CLARK RIGSBY ARCHIVES


Bruce Connole-Marie-REVENOUS


Phoenix Jazz Quartet-Clarke’s Blues-PJQ


Bobby Hutcherson-Tackle-ORGANIC VIBES


Tower of Power-Soul with a Capitol S-30TH ANNIVERSARY


Tower of Power feat. Huey Lewis-634-5789-30TH ANNIVERSARY

AZ Music 586 for 09-14th & 18th-2016, Fred Hill and Al McCoy recall the history of, and play music from, the Phoenix Music scene:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Hugh Lovely 2000)-Impressions-RINGERS


Barney Kessell-Get Happy-LIVE AT THE JAZZ MILL


Barney Kessell-Stardust--LIVE AT THE JAZZ MILL


Eleven Piece Band from the Flame-Solitude-ELEVEN PIECE BAND FROM THE FLAME (Jack Miller)


Hunnicutt Studio Band feat. Clare Willey-September in the Rain-DEAR MR. SHEARING 




Nadine Jansen-S'Wonderful-BEST OF




Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Milas Yoes 1991)-Nightshades-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Felix Sains Jr.-Nearness of You-NEARNESS OF YOU


Hot Club of Prescott-Black Orpheus-AT THE JAZZ GRILLE

AZ Music 586 for 09-07th & 11th-2016, guest is Ernest Bardwell of non-profit EKB Creations-Screen Printing-Embroidery; Cameo appearance from Robbie the DJ of Blu Lite Radio:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barry M. Black 1978)-Mr. Lucky-‘ROUND MIDNIGHT


Joey DeFrancesco and Jimmy Smith-Back at the Chicken Shack-LEGACY


Phillip Strange-Autumn Leaves-ONE SUMMER AFTERNOON


Yolanda Adams-Be Blessed-DAY BY DAY


Beth Lederman with Jazz con Alma-Scarborough Fair-LAS SOMBRAS


Nazim Rashid New Renaissance-Black Orpheus-REMEMBRANCE


Dave Riley feat. Sam Carr-Casino Blues-WHISKEY, MONEY & WOMEN


Allan Chase-Intermission Riff-PHOENIX

AZ Music 586 for 08-31 & 09-4 -2016, more variety from Arizona musicians, Prescott emphasis:

Al Casey-Chicken Feathers-COOKIN’


RD Olson-Can’t Spend what what you Ain’t Got-KEEP WALKING WOMAN


Hot Club of Prescott-Love is a Four-Letter Word-PLAYS WALTZ FOR PAM


Judy Roberts-Rio De Janeiro-WATERCOLORS


Hunnicutt Studio Band feat. Clare Willey-Lullaby of Birdland-DEAR MR. SHEARING


Young Sounds of Arizona (Milas Yoes, Dir. 1991)-Polka Dots and Moonbeams-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Josh Sklair feat. Steve Marsh-The Real Hucklebuck-AFTER HOURS


Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (Andrew Gross, Dir.  2016)-Footprints-SOON-TO-BE RELEASED WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING


Jon Rauhouse Orchestra-Tar Paper Shack-FEATURING TOMMY CONNELL


Mayneswing-Out of Town Driver-GROOVIN’ HIGH


Jay Roberts-Ode to the Masters-SON OF A DIRTY GUITAR PLAYER


Jack Radavich-I Only Have Eyes for You-THE MUSIC OF HARRY WARREN