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Arizona Music 586

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AZ Music 586 for 09-07th & 11th-2016, guest is Ernest Bardwell of non-profit EKB Creations-Screen Printing-Embroidery; Cameo appearance from Robbie the DJ of Blu Lite Radio:

Young Sounds of Arizona (dir. Barry M. Black 1978)-Mr. Lucky-‘ROUND MIDNIGHT


Joey DeFrancesco and Jimmy Smith-Back at the Chicken Shack-LEGACY


Phillip Strange-Autumn Leaves-ONE SUMMER AFTERNOON


Yolanda Adams-Be Blessed-DAY BY DAY


Beth Lederman with Jazz con Alma-Scarborough Fair-LAS SOMBRAS


Nazim Rashid New Renaissance-Black Orpheus-REMEMBRANCE


Dave Riley feat. Sam Carr-Casino Blues-WHISKEY, MONEY & WOMEN


Allan Chase-Intermission Riff-PHOENIX

AZ Music 586 for 08-31 & 09-4 -2016, more variety from Arizona musicians, Prescott emphasis:

Al Casey-Chicken Feathers-COOKIN’


RD Olson-Can’t Spend what what you Ain’t Got-KEEP WALKING WOMAN


Hot Club of Prescott-Love is a Four-Letter Word-PLAYS WALTZ FOR PAM


Judy Roberts-Rio De Janeiro-WATERCOLORS


Hunnicutt Studio Band feat. Clare Willey-Lullaby of Birdland-DEAR MR. SHEARING


Young Sounds of Arizona (Milas Yoes, Dir. 1991)-Polka Dots and Moonbeams-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Josh Sklair feat. Steve Marsh-The Real Hucklebuck-AFTER HOURS


Young Sounds of Arizona Combo (Andrew Gross, Dir.  2016)-Footprints-SOON-TO-BE RELEASED WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING


Jon Rauhouse Orchestra-Tar Paper Shack-FEATURING TOMMY CONNELL


Mayneswing-Out of Town Driver-GROOVIN’ HIGH


Jay Roberts-Ode to the Masters-SON OF A DIRTY GUITAR PLAYER


Jack Radavich-I Only Have Eyes for You-THE MUSIC OF HARRY WARREN

AZ Music 586 for 08-24th & 28th -2016, variety show of local musicians:

Young Sounds dir. by Barry M. Black-Sonny Moon for Two-THE SOUL COLLECTOR


Tim Downs and Rich Howard-The Reluctant Bullfighter-UNRELEASED WINSTON STUDIO RECORDING


Bill Williams Quintet-Twelve O’Clock Lonely-THE PHOENIX SOUND


Phoenix Jazz Quartet feat. Armand Boatman-The Way You Look-PJQ


Jack Radavich-You’re Getting to be a Habit with Me-MUSIC OF HARRY WARREN


Phoenix (Musician’s Union) Jazz Workshop-Blues Arrangement with trumpet, alto sax, trombone & piano/Yesterdays-MID TO LATE 1950s JACK MILLER RECORDING


Dave Cook and Intensity-I Got Rhythm in my Changes-GROOVING IN THE DESERT



Art Pepper feat. Howard Roberts-The Prisoner (alternate take)-WINTER MOON


Phoenix (Musician’s Union) Jazz Workshop-Shorty Rogers west coast-influenced arrangement with trumpet, alto sax and piano-MID TO LATE 1950s JACK MILLER RECORDING


Phoenix Jazz Quartet-Clarke’s Blues-PJQ

AZ Music 586 for 08-17th & 21st -2016, variety show of local musicians:

Young Sounds of Arizona-Jumpin’ at the Woodside-RINGERS


Prince Shell Quintet-Sweet Georgia Brown (alternate take)-UNRELEASED 1990 CHATON STUDIO SESSION


Beth Lederman & Jazz con Alma feat. Sherry Roberson-Everything must Change-LAS SOMBRAS


Mesa Community College Jazz Faculty Nonet feat. Tony Malaby and Armand Boatman-On a 




Nadine Jansen-Kansas City-VERY BEST OF


Art Pepper feat. Howard Roberts-Blues in the Night-WINTER MOON


Juan Oskar/Jay Maynes-Classical Gas-STARWAY TO HEAVEN


Joey DeFrancesco & Jimmy Smith-Got my Mojo Workin’-LEGACY

52nd St. Jazz Band-Take your Tomorrow-52ND STREET REVISITED


Lloyd Ellis & Bill Cyrils-Love for Sale-ANY TIME, ANY PLACE


Johnny Tanner-Searchin’ the World Over-JUKE JOINT RAMBLER

AZ Music 586 for 08-10th & 14th -2016: Radio premier of local musician Miguel Alonso performing Moonlight Love

Young Sounds (1979—80, Barry M. Black, Dir)-Esperanza-THE SOUL COLLECTOR


Warren L. Jones III-Even Now-I IMAGINE SO


Ted Goddard-Corcovado-THE SONORAN SESSIONS




Will Bradley/Ray McKinley/Freddie Slack-Down the Road a Piece-COLUMBIA 36958


Don Byas-Laura-AMERICAN 1001


Don Byas-Dark Eyes-AMERICAN 1004


Miguel Alonso with Patricia Parson-Moonlight Love (English)-STUDIO DEMO


Miguel Alonso with Patricia Parson-Moonlight Love (Portuguese)--STUDIO DEMO


Miguel “Mike Alrue” Alonso-Geometrical Passages-TALES FROM THE PIANO

AZ Music 586 for 08-03rd & 07-2016, guest is trumpeter Jim Henry

Young Sounds Combo 2016 Dir. by Andrew Gross-Soul Stirrin'-PRE-RELEASE WINSTON RECORDING STUDIO SESSION


Joey DeFrancesco feat. Jim Henry-The Eternal Triangle-LIVE AT THE 5 SPOT


Dave Cook & Intensity feat. Jim Henry-Exactly Like You-GROOVING IN THE DESERT


Dave Cook feat. Oscar Brashear and Prince Shell-Blue Bossa-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


Dave Cook & Intensity feat. Jim Henry-Melody Line Blues-GROOVING IN THE DESERT

AZ Music 586 for 07-27th & 31st-2016, guest is Sheri Baker, jazz enthusiast, sharing new recordings by Steve Marsh, Phil Strange & LA musicians via Arizona

Young Sounds dir. by Barry M. Black-Blues Around the Corner-THE SOUL COLLECTOR


Yuriko Kodama and Phillip Strange-The Way You Look Tonight-MUSIC OF THE HOURS


Josh Sklair feat. Steve Marsh (flute)-The Real Hucklebuck-AFTER HOURS


Yuriko Kodama and Phillip Strange-Turning Point-MUSIC OF THE HOURS


Phillip Strange-In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning-ONE SUMMER AFTERNOON


Phillip Strange-Cherokee-ONE SUMMER AFTERNOON


Charlie Parker-Relaxing at Camarillo-Very Best of Bird-WB


Josh Sklair feat. Steve Marsh (tenor sax)-Steve's Marsh-AFTER HOURS


Young Sounds dir. by Barry M. Black-Ice Castles-THE SOUL COLLECTOR

AZ Music 586 for 07-20th & 24th-16: Jim "Zeke" Zoeckler, tenor sax and flute, is a late 586 member who's estate donated his tape archives to the radio show:

Young Sounds-Night Shades-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Coleman Hawkins-What Is There to Say-JIM ZOECKLER ARCHIVES


Pete Magadini-Midnight Bolero-POLYRHYTHMS


Alan Chase-Intermission Riff-PHOENIX


Johnny Tanner-Bring Her Back to Me-JUKE JOINT RAMBLER


Kenny Love & the Rocker Fellas-Count my Lucky Stars-SWING, BOP & ROOTS ROCK


Mike Breen-Past Lives-PAST LIVES


Pete Jolly-I Hear a Rhapsody-GEMS


Nazim Rashid feat. "Peaches"-Stormy Weather


Bennie Green-Blues is Green-JIM ZOECKLER ARCHIVES


Young Sounds-Polka Dots and Moonbeams-LITTLE SUNFLOWER


Mike Breem-Home Again-PAST LIVES

AZ Music 586 for 07-13 & 17-2016, guest is pianist John Mueller playing recordings with his favorite Arizona musicians:

Bill Williams Quintet feat. Lou Garno and Lloyd Ellis-Morning Glory Blues-THE PHOENIX SOUND


Bobby Caldwell-Until You come Back to Me-SOUL SURVIVOR


John Mueller feat. Beth Johnson-Green Dolphin St.-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


John Mueller feat. Elliott Fox-Line for Lyons-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


John Mueller feat. Heather Algar-Photograph-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


John Mueller feat. Heather Algar-I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


John Mueller Original-Brazilian Lady-UNRELEASED LIVE RECORDING


Young Sounds-Green Bossa-RINGERS

AZ Music 586 for 07-06th & 10th-2016; If your neighborhood liquor store was closed Independence Day, next year make sure to get a 5th on the 3rd for the 4th.

Pete Jolly with Lighthouse All-Stars-America the Beautiful-AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL


Dave Cook Jazz Concert (arranged by Prince Shell)-Bumpy's Blues-UNRELEASED SESSION FROM ISADORE'S, PHOENIX


Art Farmer with Wardell Gray-Donna Lee-LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD


Louie Jordan-Is you Is or Is you Ain't my Baby-ROCK AND ROLL


Addison Farmer with Mose Allison-Your Mind is on Vacation-25 YEARS OF JAZZ


Big Pete Pearson-No Love Lost-ONE MORE DRINK


Dave Riley with Bob Corritore-Let's Have Some Fun Tonight-TRAVELIN' THE DIRT ROAD


Al Casey-Endless Sleep-SIDEWINDER


Interview: Manager David Davis of radio sponsor Allegro Music, Bell Road location


Young Sounds-Caravan-CUT AND RUN